Saturday, November 16, 2013

find pinay love

My fiance and I were in Thailand and a couple of  guys asked him where they could find a woman like me.  We accepted the complement with a smile, "she is actually filipina." He said.

Where can you find Pinay Love?

The place to find pinay love is online.  But eventually you will have to go to the Philippines to meet your sexy pinay in person.

Recommended sites to meet filipina are:
- craigslist
- cherry blossom
- filipinocupid

Finding a woman on a dating site (especially for pinay) is not an easy task.  You will have to get a membership.  You will have to be patient and very skeptical.  Because there are so many hustlers, beggers and scammers on the filipino dating sites.  Many men and women in the Philippines make so much money online that they are able to make a living.  That is how much foreign guys give.  Don't be one of these guys. If you want to do charity give to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.

Its best to find pinay love is online.  After that get to know them over time and when you are ready meet them in person.  If you are already in the Philippines, you might want to check out Cebu City (Mango Square), Manila and Angeles.


    I am a 51 year old American man, divorced, interested in finding a loving Filipina for lifelong marriage. From what I have heard, I have some concerns and would invite anyone who has been through the experience or is otherwise in a position to offer solid advice to share their answers to some questions.

    1) HIDDEN AGENDA OF MONEY & VISA - Other than the obvious, such as being directly asked by a Filipina for money/financial help, are there any signs that I could be on the lookout for that a prospective Filipina might be merely interested in money, financial help and visa instead of true love with a foreigner/American? (the concern that she might marry for these purposes, then later, after she has received financial help, as well as a “green card” for permanent legal residence here in USA, that she might want to leave the marriage).

    2) HER FAMILY MEMBERS’ EXPECTATIONS AND PRESSURE – Is there any effective and diplomatic way to deal with her family members’ possible financial expectations and to help them understand that our Western/American custom is not for a married couple to financially support the wife’s (or husband’s) family members and relatives? It’s not that I lack compassion, it’s that I simply don’t have the financial resources for supporting additional people beyond my prospective wife.

    3) AGE DIFFERENCES - Again, I am 51. A younger Filipina would be preferable and I’m trying to figure out how much younger? Is it really true that "age doesn't matter" to some Filipina’s? My goal is definitely a quality marriage relationship of some depth with both parties finding real happiness. Even if you marry a much younger Filipina who says that age is not an issue for her, does that lead to problems down the road, in your own experience? What are the most difficult and problematic age-difference dynamics, in your opinion?

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback on these issues and any other good advice anyone might have…

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