Tuesday, October 28, 2014

US marine killed transgender

In the Philippines there are a few controversial cases that have put some groups against the US Armed Forces sent to the Philippines.  Unfortunately, we now must add the recent murder of a transgender Filipino by a US Marine.  This particular case is reminiscent of another case that occurred in 2005 involving American, Daniel Smith.

My first reaction when I heard about the headline was in favor of the poor young Marine dude. I thought “Well, I know transgenders and crossdressers mostly  pretend to be women to get laid, to make money and sometimes rob innocent foreigners.  Maybe tricked that guy to have sex with her, the guy found out that he is gay, got angry and hit her so hard that she died”.  I was very wrong.

The story is deeper and more scary than what I thought.  I didn’t know that a US marine killed the transgender brutally. Being drunk is not an excuse to drown her.

This incident is so tragic. He killed her without thinking of the consequences.  He could have just refused and left without doing anything violent and find another woman to get laid.  Problem solved. It’s that simple.  Instead, he drowned her and left the scene as quick as he could thinking he can escape.

Does third-world country poverty make our lives cheaper than that of American lives?  Will we allow this murderer to get slip through the cracks?  A human life was taken and a family has been destroyed forever by the hands of drunk.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Philippine culture - a town feast

Festivals are a big part of Philippine culture.  While traveling around the Philippines, you may notice that every town and province celebrates festivities inviting guests, friends and relatives.  The feast is held in honor of patrons representing each town.  A procession of saints is conducted before the day of the event .
  courtesy of flickr.com argao .png
                Town of Argao

People are gathered for Mass followed by a procession, a slow, reverent walk holding lighted candles. During the procession there is also a novena and songs sang by people leading the prayer. Each family is expected to have food serve for the visitors. Pigs are raised and prepared specifically for the feast.  Lechon, a roasted whole pig, is a special dish prepared during the feast.  It is cooked outdoor in a pile of charcoal and roast until it becomes golden brown. This process takes hours. Other common main dishes prepared for fiesta are pork humba and pancit.

Meanwhile, feast is celebrated for 2 days. The ‘desperas’ and the actual day called ‘Pista’.

There is also another event celebrated by towns that happens every May during the “Flores de Mayo”. Flores de Mayo is an event where the teens have parades all over the town wearing beautiful filipiniana gowns. May is used by many towns to celebrate their own annual fiesta.  

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