Monday, April 11, 2016

Top 3 Things NOT to talk about in the Philippines

On this video, I shared 3 top things that tourist or expats should not discuss with filipino conservatives in a conversation.  There are certain topics that filipinos are not open to talk about. Filipinos may appear very cool and hospitable but just like any nationality, there are things that are not openly discussed without causing a fight or misunderstandings.

Even when dating someone from the Philippines, these topics may be off limits. A woman may get very discouraged if you start discussing one of these things. They will have a wrong interpretation of you and will judge your existence base on what you have said.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hurry and download the Green card App!

Once you arrive in the United States under a k1 fiance visa, you have to apply for Adjustment of Status to become a permanent resident also know as a Green card. This app serves as a checklist of requirements and a guide throughout the process. It also has sample images of the letters that you will receive. This app is available in App store.  Goodluck! :-)

Download the k1 fiance visa app!

Hey guys, this app is free. If you are petitioning your foreign fiance for a k1 fiance visa this app will definitely help you throughout the process. Grab it while its still free :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Can I still get a 10 yr green card even if I get divorced?

 Hey guys,
This is a repost from my website Just want to share it to more people who do not know their rights. This is additional knowledge about the green card process in the United States.
After you get married (k1/fiance visa) and apply for a Permanent Residence, you receive a 2 yr conditional green card. All of us are expecting that our marriage will be forever and hopefully it will. But you should know that you can build your own life in the USA even if your marriage has to end.
A fiance who contacted me asked: Can I stay in the US if I get a divorce after getting the two year conditional green card? The answer is yes.
A fiance gets married and she applies for the adjustment of status/conditional green card through the USCIS. She gets her 2 year conditional green card. And after 2 years she must apply for 10 year green card. Once you apply for the 10 year conditional green card she can apply alone (divorced) as long as she can prove that her marriage/relationship was real.
YESSSSSS. You can.

Tagalog: Hi mga sis! Manuod kayo sa video na ito para may knowledge kayo sa green card process natin dito.
After dumating dito, kung k1 fiance visa holder, mag apply kayo ng Permanent residence or green card. Mag sesend ang USCIS ng interview appointment para pumunta sa interview kasama ang US citizen na asawa. Tapos nyan i send nila ang green card through mail. Sa point na ito kung hindi mag work ang marriage pwede kayong magpatuloy ng mag isa.
After 2 years, kailangan ulit mg send ng form I I751 to remove the conditions ng green card at para makuha ang 10 year green card kasunod ang US citizenship. May nag message sa akin na member din rito. Hindi sya tinatrato ng maayos ng kanyang asawa. Nung na mention nyang makipag divorce, tinakot sya na hindi sya makakakuha ng 10 year green card nya kung makikipag diborsyo sya.
Totoo ba na madedeport tayo kung nakipaghiwalay kapag natanggap na ang green card? Hindi Yan totoo. Kung abusuhin kayo ng asawa huwag matakot!!!! Pwede pa rin kayong maging US citizen kahit wala na ang asawa. I secure nyo lang ang pagpakasal at unang process ng pagkuha ng green card. Yung 2 year conditional green card. Pag nakuha nyo na ang green card at kung hindi maganda ang pagsasama nyo or hindi kayo tinatrato ng maayos ng inyong mga asawa hindi nyo kailangan mag stay sa ganyang sitwasyon.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Identity Theft of Yuri Sincero Beware!

Hey guys,
Some scammer is using my name to try to steal money from people.
Just wanted to warn you.
This is the profile of the scammer in instagram:
Maxie Ibarra
156 Brgy.
Balibago 1st, Tarlac City
Fake Email:

Monday, August 24, 2015

i129f (fiance visa) Video Compilation

This is a video compilation of all the steps that you need in completing your I129f petition application/US k-1 visa. The videos provide information on I129f petition, tips for the k1 requirements and the k-1 visa interview process. For more k1 visa assistance, you can also join us in our k-1 visa/Aos Facebook group discussion.
Fb group:

k-1 visa process I

k-1 visa process II

k-1 visa process III

How to schedule an interview appointment

Interview Practice tips

The rest of the videos can be found in my youtube channel. Goodluck to all the couples! :-)