Monday, November 18, 2013

Expectation from a Husband

In the Philippines marriage is a big step.  Most filipinas look forward to being a wife.  But there are some important things that a pinay should consider before becoming a wife.  To settle down and to live with the man we love. It is important to meet each other’s expectation on many things. Although there is absolute certainty that your spouse will change over time theres always a way to make the relationship work.  If both husband and wife adjust to those changes they can grow together rather than apart.

1. Understanding and respect of filipino culture.  If your man is not a filipino, then its really important to respect each others culture.  It takes patience from the filipina and the man.  I am so glad my my husband  understands it. The culture may  seem weird but things like being attached to the family is normal in the Philippines.  In the Philippines a daughter is expected to take care of  parents.  A filipino daughter is not necessarily supposed to support them monthly but stuff like medication or to be there for them and to visit.

2. Filipina Wife Loyalty and Dedication. Every filipino wife expects their husband to be devoted and loyal.  A good filipina will be loyal until death to a good man.  She wants the same in return.

3. Trust of your Filipino Wife is a MUST. All wives expect the husband to trust when they go out.  A filipina needs to be trusted to be faithful.  She must be trusted not to flirt with other men. Temptation is always there but only when you let it.  Noone want to be in a relationship where they cannot go anywhere or do anything due to lack of trust.  The only way to make the relationship stronger is to trust.

4. Filipinas Adapt, They Expect the same from their husband.  Survival of a relationship depends on the ability to change and adjust.  For example, adjustment to each other’s personality and behavior. As a wife, we may have some attitude that men do not like but its a matter of adjusting. There are some things we do not like that men do but as a filipino wife,  we can give way of enjoying movies he likes, sports or boring music and enjoy it because he into it.

5. Being Supportive and a helpful husband is every Filipino wife’s dream.  A good husband is expected to be there during his significant other’s achievements. A great husband would always seek to find ways to encourage, praise and be helpful of his wifes ideas about house designs, goals and life plans.  He does way more than opening jars and assisting lifting heavy stuff.  The very best husband will actually participate in his wife’s shopping by interacting and enjoying her pleasure as she gathers new accessories.  He should not ignore her or treat her bad when she is shopping.  

6. A Filipina wife wants a husband that appreciates her.  Appreciating what a wife does to serve her husbands wants and needs is an incredible way to bond and get more SEXsess.  DO NOT compare her to Exes or belittle her. Every women has different characteristics and skills. It is offensive for a wife to see that her husband is discontented of what he is getting.

Overall, a filipina wife is looking for a reliable, supportive and loving man who will protect her.  If the man can put his self in her shoes and serve her as willingly as he wants to be served most of the stuff listed is easy to figure out.  A filipina wife is willing to completely submit herself to a good man.

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