Monday, December 23, 2013

Omegle Girl Experience

I tried out a site called wow!  Interesting.  If you have not heard of it, it is a chat roulette webcam site that randomly selects strangers for you to interact with.  Omegle girls are highly sought after.  A lot of guys on that site go out of their way to show their "goods".

If you are looking for girls on Omegle, then "seek and ye shall find".  They are there.  In fact, girls are looking for "Omegle guys".  Some looking for the "goods" that guys are willing to show.   Most are looking for interactions with a guy.

I talked to random strange guys on Omegle but I will admit I did not talk for a long time.  The guys are there to flirt and immediately offer to show their dicks.  To all the Omegle guys out there, if a girl wants to see "dick" she will go to a porn site.. If she is on a webcam site she expects a little more than just dicks.  She expects conversation and interaction then MAY want a dick.  But like I said, some girls are very interested in what you want to show.

The site has lots and lots of tricky porn ads leading to web cam girls stripping for money and other adults sites.

My overall impression is that I am personally not into that kind of site.  It seems to be mostly for teens and single women seeking fun without commitment.


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