Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Immigrating to the US: A new path

October 2014

After 4 flights, I finally arrived in Denver, Colorado. A 24 hour flight (with layovers) is definitely exhausting. While at the escalator looking up, I started getting energized because guess what? My husband was there waiting for me with big smile :-)

Then I thought to myself, "Finally, I am home".  I felt relieved and happy.  After all, he is my reason of being here.  I did not anticipate that there would be more to be excited about in the US.
husband and I
A few weeks after my arrival, the fun began.

first step in snow
Cold.  It started snowing.  It was the first time I had seen the powdery stuff drift from the sky.  It looks very beautiful but I can not stay out long because it's so cold it actually hurts my skin too.  I look out from the balcony and watch the snow as it piles up.  I have never experienced weather as cold as a freezer.  The heater is always on during daytime.  on of the first things we had to get was jacket.  I picked the thickest jacket I could get from Burlington Coats.  I also bought a few pairs of thermal clothes.  I had to get used to wearing leggings, gym pants and socks to cover my feet.  Back in the Philippines we flipflops through out the year!

Great customer service. People here are so well trained to give excellent customer service.  I was not used to that. It is extreme for me when someone suddenly pops up by my side to ask me if I found what I am seeking for or if I need any help shopping for items.  It makes me uncomfortable because I am not used to the this level of customer service.  There are times when I would intentionally avoid them so that no one will ask me for what  I'm seeking for or how is my day? Lol. I am not used to sales people being extra friendly to customers.  But I really still feel lucky to be here because wherever I go, my questions and needs are being attended and catered.
yum yum :-)
Oh my god! I think this is the best part and the worst part and the US. 
          Why is it the best part? It is the best part because companies here give convenience to consumers in every way. They sell canned fruits and veggies so it is easier to prepare. Companies provide a variety of pastas, chocolates, drinks and any products you can think of. 
          What is the bad part? Since everything is provided with people are tempted to keep eating and eating until they become obese.  It takes a lot of discipline to stay in shape here because of temptation of cheap, tasty and unhealthy foods.  

Tardiness is bad.

Really bad. Adults attending birthday parties , gatherings, school meeting and programs are always planned out on exact time. People always come earlier than the agreed time. In ph, I was always late in going to places but nobody really make a big deal out of it unless I was 30 minutes to an hour late.

People are conservative in clothing.
I don't know about other places in the United States, but here in Colorado there is not much fashion going on.  And when I dressed up, it was kind of awkward since all eyes are on me (if not all).  It was enough for me to noticed.  I have found that blending in with people's simple style of clothing is better.

This it for now, will keep you updated next time!!. have a happy travel everyone. Or have great days everyone !


Friday, March 13, 2015

Elf beauty reviews

Elf beauty reviews

I have tried a beauty product called  ELF (eyes, lips, face).  They have a variety of tools from eye make up to make up remover.  So far, I am satisfied with every thing I have used.  The last time I ordered from ELF they were offering free shipping on orders of $35 and above. It was a great deal so I immediately grabbed it!

After a week my package arrived and it was time to try it out.

ELF's make-up brushes are a decent quality.  Back in the Philippines, I had used it and noticed how soft it was when I applied my foundation. The eye brush is equally good.  Though not as soft, the eye brush is great for the price.  It is only a dollar.  The small brush I had used for my eyebrow gel made my eyebrows look so defined and beautiful.

The Eyebrow kit was especially impressive.  The Eyebrow gel and powder allow me to sculpt and shape my brows to achieve the look I want.  I use it every time I go out with my husband for a special occasion and it can last all day.  NO matter what the weather is, my eyebrows stay intact.

Another thing I really like in my batch of order was the cream eyeliner. I ordered metal blue and black. Because my eyes are small, the cream eyeliner really helps in defining and making them look bigger.

Another ELF product that I would recommend is the pale lipstick. It is beautiful!  Even though it is probably more suited for light skin women, it looks good on me too ;). I hope so.

The only thing I was really disappointed about was the nail polish remover. It had a very strong chemical odor when I used it which is probably unavoidable.

ELF also sells a few nail tools and a set of 14 different types of nail polish on their site. It was on sale for $14.00.  It is good quality and so worth it for what you are getting.