Monday, December 23, 2013

Omegle Girl Experience

I tried out a site called wow!  Interesting.  If you have not heard of it, it is a chat roulette webcam site that randomly selects strangers for you to interact with.  Omegle girls are highly sought after.  A lot of guys on that site go out of their way to show their "goods".

If you are looking for girls on Omegle, then "seek and ye shall find".  They are there.  In fact, girls are looking for "Omegle guys".  Some looking for the "goods" that guys are willing to show.   Most are looking for interactions with a guy.

I talked to random strange guys on Omegle but I will admit I did not talk for a long time.  The guys are there to flirt and immediately offer to show their dicks.  To all the Omegle guys out there, if a girl wants to see "dick" she will go to a porn site.. If she is on a webcam site she expects a little more than just dicks.  She expects conversation and interaction then MAY want a dick.  But like I said, some girls are very interested in what you want to show.

The site has lots and lots of tricky porn ads leading to web cam girls stripping for money and other adults sites.

My overall impression is that I am personally not into that kind of site.  It seems to be mostly for teens and single women seeking fun without commitment.

Filipino Women Faithfulness

Filipino women have a very beautiful exotiic look because of mixing in different races. Filipino women make very good wives. They always give their best in relationships and especially when they are married.  They devote their lives to making their family happy.

Filipino women are very thoughtful to their loved ones. They are very loving to their parents. They highly respect their parents and always take care of them when they get old. They are trained at a young age to be good wives.

Filipinas take care of their husbands very well and serve him. They cook good food and do household chores. They are very supportive to their kids and encourage them in achieving their goals in life.
Most filipino women are very faithful to their husband. They stay in the marriage even when their husband cheats and forgives him even when its done repeatedly.  Most of them are very good with handling finances at home even when there is only little handed to them.

Its quite sad that they stick too the vows when the husband violates them.  Sometimes they are called martyrs for overdoing it. They stick to their marriage no matter how bad it gets because they believe whomever you marry you should stand to your decisions through thick and thin and ups and downs.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Overseas filipino women are workers choose to go abroad to take advantage of opportunities.  Overseas Filipino workers are commonly called OFWs.  The government handles the process of assisting and protecting OFW with its agency the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)

In the Philippines, it is hard for a regular employee to support the family’s basic needs because the income is too little to keep up with the cost of living. They are forced to go abroad to provide their children with better lifestyle and education.  Overseas filipino workers has to leave their kids in order to give them a better future.
Overseas Filipino Workers sent back home from Egypt

Staying within the impoverished areas of the Philippines is a struggle that is hard to survive everyday.  It is very hard to survive especially if they haven’t finish their education.  Even with an a degree, filipino workers are competing to work in fast food restaurants and can be denied work on looks alone.  It is very competitive because overpopulation and not enough jobs that don’t pay enough to live comfortably.

Their whole family is expecting OFW to take care of finances so they have to work harder.  The OFW is often the sole income providing for two generations.  This are the reasons that make them decide to find jobs abroad as domestic helpers, or skilled jobs but low profile like receptionists, sales clerk, cashiers and waitresses.

OFWs who had completed their skills training courses last Nov 2013: Malaysia

Overseas filipino women are very tough and they always adapt to the lifestyle  and culture of other countries, but keep a strong link back to their homeland and remain very proud to be Pinay even when its not popular.  Lots of filipino women work abroad yearly. According to the census survey, there are estimated 2.2 million OFW during the period of april- september 2012 and 48.3 % of that are females. while male is 51.7 %.

What does this mean? This means almost half of OFWs are filipino women who have to earn an income not just for their family but their husband back home. They have to earn a living to feed the kids and their husband because of he will not make enough to provide for them.  In some cases its because the husband is just too lazy to get out and work. Link to the survey :

Overseas filipino women’s easiest countries to go to are middle east countries and neighboring countries in Asia like Hong kong, Japan and Singapore. They do not pay that much for a domestic helper job but it’s way higher compared to working as a maid within in the Philippines.  It is so lonely for them to be away from their family for a long time but atleast they won’t be hungry anymore.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Cebuanas are filipino girls living in Cebu, Philippines. Most of us Cebuana girls are beautiful and have that exotic mixed look that falls between Spanish, asian and Malaysian. The first race that came in to trade goods to the Cebuanos were the Malays. It is also one of the first places where the Spanish people found while searching for the island of Spices, Moluccas ( part of the country: Indonesia) but decided to stay in Cebu instead to introduce religion to people. Thousands of girls from Cebu are mixed with some Spanish features. Later on, other races like Japanese/Chinese/ Greeks etc came in to invade or to live in Cebu. Some began to trade and building businesses and later integrated, mated or even got married to native Cebuanas. This mix of other south east asia gives Cebuanas a huge variation that ranges from features that look like Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Malaysian, Korean some may look like Thai! Some Cebuanas has very white flawless complexion, some have light brown skin or very brown skin depending on ethnicity and the area of where they live. Some have the very almond shaped eyes of south-east asia while others have very European shaped eyes. Overall, Cebuanas have so many variation that we really look different from each other sometimes even within the same family. It is hard to describe where they come from due to mixing of many races. The tradition, the manners, the food and the culture also varies too depends on how they are race by their parents and their ethnics..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

why are some filipinas submissive women?

For girls in the Philippines, being a submissive women is a part of filipino culture.  We are taught at a young age to have good manners, respect, understanding so that we can become good mothers and submissive wives when we are ready to get married.  I cannot speak for all filipinas, but I would say most.

We are taught that the role of a wife is to be “ilaw ng tahanan” that is Tagalog for the “light of the house”.  It is the wife’s duty to make the house a Home. A wife must be there always to support her man’s decisions, give advice but without disagreement.  A wife must do everything at home,  from taking care of the kids, to teaching the kids to household chores.  She helps the kids with their school assignments and projects.  She participates in school meetings and the kids activities. Most importantly, keeping the house a “Happy home’’ that includes doing her best to serve her husband in and out of bed without complaints.

As a submissive wife, I think its not about being enslaved by my husband because when you love your man you always do your best to keep him happy and satisfied.  Although it makes me feel bad sometimes, but I know I have to give way and not be selfish.  No relationship is perfect but it doesn't mean you won’t find happiness in that imperfect love.

Being submissive means becoming a great wife and avoiding most arguments that can sometimes end marriages. Submitting and agreeing to your man makes everything more peaceful.  Its much better than nagging. There will be times when the husband is wrong and if you feel that there are better idea or solution to a problem, communicating calmly works than starting a heated conversation.

Achieving this submissiveness requires training and lots of patience because you mostly set yourself aside.  It is very hard to change and to make adjustment but when you're doing it to keep your husband, it gets easier because there is a purpose of why you must do it. It takes swallowing your pride and putting your husband first on top of everything to keep the marriage happy. That can mean losing a career and a dream. Although if your husband is supportive you can still aim for success but there are lots of things you have to consider for your family.  

A woman cannot submit to every man.  Every man is not worthy of such selflessness.  I would say only a selfless man should have a selfless submissive woman.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

pinay beauty tips

filipina beauty
I have been inspired by the #beautytips & beauty bloggers like @Cari Bunfill I decided to make note of my own filipina beauty rituals. There are lots of things that I do daily to maintain my beauty. Most of the routine involves taking care of my skin.  Like me, many of my fellow pinays have very sensitive skin. Being a filipina, I know that skin care remedy matters a lot. 

Using low priced products don't mean that its harmful for your skin. It depends on what is suited for every women's skin type. I have tried using expensive brands like Garnier, Olay but it didn't suit me. Instead, my face became oily and started getting pimples. Keep trying products until you find something that fits to your skin, budget.

1. Make up -
     . Face - At present, I use a chinese brand face powder ‘’POPA’’ that cost P 30.00. I like it. It doesn't make my face oily and sticky. January 2013, I used a product from hbc called  ‘’In2it  ‘’ oil control and oil free face powder cost P 400.00 but my face moistened quickly and started to itch.
Lips-  before applying a lipstick I used Chapstick Lip Balm to avoid it from cracking. The brands of lip stick that suit me are Fashion 21 and Ever Bilena.  I am currently using NYC ( New York Color )#304 Mocha. My bestfriend gave it to me. :-) Luv the Color:-)

2. Face Cream - When i was a teen I used to apply all ponds products for my face. I used Ponds facial wash, Ponds scrub facial wash and a Ponds pink cream. Then later on, I converted to Ponds Detox  as I found it more effective on my face.  As years pass by I noticed its not as effective as it used to be.  My sister recommended to use Rosehip Pearl Cream (January 2013). It works.  I always apply it before applying any make up. It was very cheap, P 64.00 lol. This moisturizing product is from Oseur Taiwan.

3. Hair - My personal recommendation is Loreal Damage Repair Shampoo and Loreal Damage Repair Conditioner. Yes! the light red packaging. That's right.  It is very effective on Dry hair and split ends. It slowly repairs the breakage. Do not use shampoo every day but alternate days  if you are not expose to too much dust. You can also use hair mask treatment. Also try using Dove nutrioil. It is a small packet, 50ml that costs P 300+ pesos. It is more expensive than normal leave-ons but it is worth it.  Use coconut oil . Here is how.  So, is coconut oil good for your hair? I’ve been doing it for years. It smells like food in your hair but it has been the most effective treatment.  


Vitamin e is a cell repair. It helps hair strands grow faster, thicker and it also helps regenerate skin tissues to make it smoother. I permanently take vit e because of my skin allergies from eating chicken, eggs , tomatoes mangoes and seafood. It made me so depressed when I found out that I was allergic to so many food but glad I got the solution for it. I take 2 - 4 capsules  every night before going to bed. Each capsules is 400 IU. The amount of IU I take each day depends on what i had eaten. I got a cheaper price of P 120.00 for 100 pieces in the Chinese drug store.

Yong Jiang chinese fat burners
4. Body - being fit means being healthy.  Exercising is very important even at young age. Doing a few sit ups flattens the stomach. I do stretching for arms head and  kicking to strengthen my legs. I do 50 sit ups every other day to tighten my stomach. Being petite is a trend here in the Philippines but if you can’t achieve that skinny body its alright, thats when fat burners take action!! lol.

I used Yong Jiang chinese fat burners. Take one capsule a day before eating. Within 2 weeks you will see the result. It is very affordable. P 260.00 for 40 capsules. Always drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. It also helps whiten the skin.

5. A blooming look. Always try to get 8 hours of sleep to maintain your refreshing beautiful appearance. Avoid getting stress because it can cause early ageing. Try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It works to relieve stress, sadness and depression. AVOID too many facial expressions except for smiling. It stretches the face and causes wrinkles.

Another way to achieve that blooming look is the balance diet, eating leafy vegetables or try VitaPlus. Has anyone heard about it? It is a product sold in networking company. It consists calcium, vit e, vit a , iron and vitamins you get from green veggies. It cost P 770.00 per box for 20 pcs. It cost higher than taking regular vitamins but it completes the body’s nutrition needs. It is great for women in their 30’s. It seems like it helps preserve the beauty and skin because my sister looks so blooming now since she started using it.

vita plus
6. Underarms - Filipinas are very conscious when it comes to dark underarms. It is a turn off to see a girl wearing sleeveless, raises her armpit and?..  “Omg,  dark and unshaved armpit. Don’t you have razors? Hehe.”  Anyway, try using some lemon drops and soak it overnight. It will start peeling but do not use it every night. You can also try using tawas . Old way but proven to whiten the underarms. How about Top Gel deodorants? Yes, it whitens the underarms too.
What do i use?  Well, I shifted from Skinwhite to vinegar. Vinegar?!! Yes You heard it right.
I had to stop using any type of deodorant due to my skin allergy. It is common to people with A+ blood type. I will write about that later.
7. Skin - The trend here in the Philippines is to lighten skin. It is considered more beautiful to have fair skin.  Its not bad to use whitening products but its important to make sure its safe.  For example, you would not use astringents without using lots of sun block. To help lightens the skin, use GT papa and carrot soap it is effective. Another that I know a proven effective product is Dermacream.  Ask a sales person, a friend, a consult a doctor for advice before application because it can cause allergies and irritation.

8. Eyes - put cucumber slices in your eyes for relaxation that lessens the eye-bags  instead of using concealers. It only covers it temporarily but doesn't make it go away.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Expectation from a Husband

In the Philippines marriage is a big step.  Most filipinas look forward to being a wife.  But there are some important things that a pinay should consider before becoming a wife.  To settle down and to live with the man we love. It is important to meet each other’s expectation on many things. Although there is absolute certainty that your spouse will change over time theres always a way to make the relationship work.  If both husband and wife adjust to those changes they can grow together rather than apart.

1. Understanding and respect of filipino culture.  If your man is not a filipino, then its really important to respect each others culture.  It takes patience from the filipina and the man.  I am so glad my my husband  understands it. The culture may  seem weird but things like being attached to the family is normal in the Philippines.  In the Philippines a daughter is expected to take care of  parents.  A filipino daughter is not necessarily supposed to support them monthly but stuff like medication or to be there for them and to visit.

2. Filipina Wife Loyalty and Dedication. Every filipino wife expects their husband to be devoted and loyal.  A good filipina will be loyal until death to a good man.  She wants the same in return.

3. Trust of your Filipino Wife is a MUST. All wives expect the husband to trust when they go out.  A filipina needs to be trusted to be faithful.  She must be trusted not to flirt with other men. Temptation is always there but only when you let it.  Noone want to be in a relationship where they cannot go anywhere or do anything due to lack of trust.  The only way to make the relationship stronger is to trust.

4. Filipinas Adapt, They Expect the same from their husband.  Survival of a relationship depends on the ability to change and adjust.  For example, adjustment to each other’s personality and behavior. As a wife, we may have some attitude that men do not like but its a matter of adjusting. There are some things we do not like that men do but as a filipino wife,  we can give way of enjoying movies he likes, sports or boring music and enjoy it because he into it.

5. Being Supportive and a helpful husband is every Filipino wife’s dream.  A good husband is expected to be there during his significant other’s achievements. A great husband would always seek to find ways to encourage, praise and be helpful of his wifes ideas about house designs, goals and life plans.  He does way more than opening jars and assisting lifting heavy stuff.  The very best husband will actually participate in his wife’s shopping by interacting and enjoying her pleasure as she gathers new accessories.  He should not ignore her or treat her bad when she is shopping.  

6. A Filipina wife wants a husband that appreciates her.  Appreciating what a wife does to serve her husbands wants and needs is an incredible way to bond and get more SEXsess.  DO NOT compare her to Exes or belittle her. Every women has different characteristics and skills. It is offensive for a wife to see that her husband is discontented of what he is getting.

Overall, a filipina wife is looking for a reliable, supportive and loving man who will protect her.  If the man can put his self in her shoes and serve her as willingly as he wants to be served most of the stuff listed is easy to figure out.  A filipina wife is willing to completely submit herself to a good man.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

benefits of coconut oil

An old filipino hair treatment is coconut milk.  Its not only very healthy to consume but can also be used can also be used for skin.

Coconut milk is packed with many vitamins & minerals including:

B1, B3, B6, C, E, iron, magnesium, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium

is packed with vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6 as well as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. - See more at:
is packed with vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6 as well as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. - See more at:
is packed with vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6 as well as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. - See more at:
With all the nutrients of coconut milk (as well as healthy fats) its no wonder it works great for hair. To get the full benefits you must massage coconut milk into your scalp with your fingertips and then brush the milk throughout your hair.

Once you are done, cover your hair with a towel and let the coconut milk sit for an hour or two. The longer it sits, the better.  The oils within the coconut milk works in conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening the hair.  A common practice in Cebu and throughout the Philippines is to warm the coconut milk up prior to applying it to stimulate the active ingredients.

In my experience of using this for 4 years the benefits to my hair have been:
  • Strengthening my hair
  • shiny fuller hair
  • limits the split ends
  • helps remove tangles 
  • Avoid harmful chemicals

find pinay love

My fiance and I were in Thailand and a couple of  guys asked him where they could find a woman like me.  We accepted the complement with a smile, "she is actually filipina." He said.

Where can you find Pinay Love?

The place to find pinay love is online.  But eventually you will have to go to the Philippines to meet your sexy pinay in person.

Recommended sites to meet filipina are:
- craigslist
- cherry blossom
- filipinocupid

Finding a woman on a dating site (especially for pinay) is not an easy task.  You will have to get a membership.  You will have to be patient and very skeptical.  Because there are so many hustlers, beggers and scammers on the filipino dating sites.  Many men and women in the Philippines make so much money online that they are able to make a living.  That is how much foreign guys give.  Don't be one of these guys. If you want to do charity give to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.

Its best to find pinay love is online.  After that get to know them over time and when you are ready meet them in person.  If you are already in the Philippines, you might want to check out Cebu City (Mango Square), Manila and Angeles.

filipina beauty rituals

My boyfriend calls me a diva.  Its was a backhanded complement because he is saying I am beautiful with an attitude.. ridiculous... Well, I do look great!! But I only have an attitude when I must.  And my beauty is actually hard work!

Here are my rituals for maintaining my pinay diva beauty.

1. Clothes - I have a very unique sexy style so I have to be willing to take risks.  There is not a specific place I shop.  Its really just whatever I like.  I like original sexy, feminine dresses and pants that show off my figure. For other filipinas, always have confidence in yourself. Dress appropriately according to the setting.
Wear clothes that are comfortable.

2. Makeup - I like to find tones that enhance my natural skin color.  Many filipinas put on make up that is for someone with very pale complexion. Choose a face foundation that matches the skin color.Avoid putting a bright red lipstick or bright red cheeks that does not help accentuate their beautiful caramel hues.A red cheeks at daytime looks like you had been slapped many times! lol.What I mean to say is that it looks so fake. Wear a light make up at daytime. Some pinays overdo it. Gosh.. Please look at the mirror again. 

3. Hair - I recently had my hair curled and I love it.  But when its straight I don't normally use lots of chemicals that might damage my hair.  In fact, normally I use coconut milk.  The oil in coconut milk is very nourishing for the hair. Using the natural treatment does not mean you're cheap. Its just for the sake of caring for your hair.

4. Body - I do light workouts about every other day and take fat burners. It really works.  The standard in the Philippines is very high since a woman with only a little excess fat is considered very fat in the Philippines.  The average woman is petite.  I also watch what I eat and limit my food intake. 

Overseas Filipino Women

I had to get a degree to qualify for and average job where in Cebu.  The competition here is high because its an employers market and there are so many people my age competing for even average positions. 

So I have considered moving to the Netherlands and UAE for more steady employment and escape the drama of Cebu City.  I know lots of OFWs who have moved out for better opportunities.

Currently, I am back in school with two separate jobs, but eventually I will move out of the country with my fiance.  I wish there was more help especially to single mothers here in the Philippines.  Since there is almost none from fathers abandoning families or our government.  Its hard, but often times.  Filipino women we have to leave for a great chance at success.

philippino girls at risk of rape

Cebu City, 15 Nov.  A taxi driver told me his boss has family in Leyte, a neighboring island of tacloban that is also affected from typhoon.  Unfortunately there is not only looting going on but also there was a girl raped there.  Things are completely out of control and some in Tacloban that are less affected are staying in there homes.  They are afraid to leave do to all the criminals taking advantage of those that are helpless.  

An actual video of Typhoon Haiyan in Leyte from gma news.

Luckily, the military has started to take control, however people are starting to go hungry. --

Typhoon Haiyan: 'We are failing thousands of girls at risk of rape or trafficking,' says Justine Greening

As the international relief effort in the Philippines gets under way, UK development secretary Justine Greening says not enough is being done to protect women and girls from the threat of rape, violence, forced marriage and trafficking. Louisa Peacock reports.