Monday, December 23, 2013

Filipino Women Faithfulness

Filipino women have a very beautiful exotiic look because of mixing in different races. Filipino women make very good wives. They always give their best in relationships and especially when they are married.  They devote their lives to making their family happy.

Filipino women are very thoughtful to their loved ones. They are very loving to their parents. They highly respect their parents and always take care of them when they get old. They are trained at a young age to be good wives.

Filipinas take care of their husbands very well and serve him. They cook good food and do household chores. They are very supportive to their kids and encourage them in achieving their goals in life.
Most filipino women are very faithful to their husband. They stay in the marriage even when their husband cheats and forgives him even when its done repeatedly.  Most of them are very good with handling finances at home even when there is only little handed to them.

Its quite sad that they stick too the vows when the husband violates them.  Sometimes they are called martyrs for overdoing it. They stick to their marriage no matter how bad it gets because they believe whomever you marry you should stand to your decisions through thick and thin and ups and downs.

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