Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Moving to America - The taste of Fastfood

Moving to America - The Taste of Fast Food

OH NO! I'm becoming an American :-) Lol.

Just kidding. I love being here. I love the people most have been nice. I have had the great fortune of participating in the US holidays like Halloween for kids and Thanksgiving.  Both are awesome. People really get into the holidays here. Since most of us in the Philippines do not celebrate this holiday (or eat a giant turkey), the experience has been very interesting.

Customer service is great wherever we go.  The environment is beautiful and clean in Colorado.

One of the biggest treats for me, has been the food.  I love the food. Including the huge variety of fast food! Yummy. Below is my own survey of the fastfood that I have tasted so far. 

Q: Is fast food restaurant food healthy? 
A: No, definitely not.  There are a few notable exceptions (Chipotle and Noodles & CO. ect)

Q: Which fast food serves the best drink?
A: I love SONIC among all. Coconut cream pie shake is the best!.  

Q: Which one has the best sandwich?
A: You know the answer. It's Subway!? of course and it can be pretty healthy.

Q: Which fast food gives the best customer service?
A: I can't compare. Each is unique but all have great customer service.

Q: Which has the best pizza?
A: I personally think that it is still Pizza Hut :-P

Q: In your own opinion, which has the best tasting burger?
A: I choose Classic Smash Burger :-) . It is juicy and mouth watering.

Q: Which fast food has most delicious fries?
A: Smash Burger? They got these sweet potato fries.

Q: Which has best fried chicken?
A: Ahm, I think its KFC. It depends on what each individual likes. Some may not agree with me.

Q: Well, How about Captain d? Is it good?
A: My husband said forget it. It sucks. So I never got the chance of trying it.
                                                                  Noodles & Company

Of all the other places I have been Taco Bell was also notable.  It tastes okay and the price was very cheap. You can get a taco or burrito for a dollar.  Other places that have quite good burgers are Burger King and Carl's Jr.  Eating fast food is not bad for you if you do not eat too much. You can also be selective about what items you eat in each fast food place.

Until next time :-)

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